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  • Duty/Standby

    ( Duty/Standby )

    The flowcomputer is the fiscal point of the system. Adding a pair of flowcomputers ensures that the metering station can still run even if a flowcomputer has gone down. Acquire monitors both flowcomputers and automatically switches to the standby machine … Continue reading 

  • Setting up a Duty/Standby Station

    ( Duty/Standby )

    1. Enter the Station Details Follow these instructions to add a station. Ensure that an even number of flow computers have been added and the Duty / Standby checkbox is ticked. 2. Click the ‘Next’ button 3. Enter the Communication Details … Continue reading 

  • Viewing Duty/Standby Stations

    ( Duty/Standby )

    When Acquire is running in Duty / Standby mode a popup menu will be added to the top banner to allow switching between the duty and standby views of the data: P&ID The P&ID allows the user to toggle between … Continue reading