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  • Adding a Language

    ( Languages )

    The Acquire editors only run in English but the Acquire website can be displayed in other languages. Acquire dynamically translates the text on the fly so different users can use their own language simultaneously. So, for example, English, Russian and French users … Continue reading 

  • Adding a Translation

    ( Languages )

    Translations can be added directly into the Phrasebook using the Quick Translate feature wherever the book icon is displayed next to a text entry: 1. Click on the book icon A contextual menu will be displayed, listing the original phrase … Continue reading 

  • Editing the Phrasebook

    ( Languages )

    The Phrasebook is used to add and edit phrases for additional languages. 1. Select ‘Languages…’ from the ‘Config’ menu The Languages screen is displayed: 2. Select the language from the ‘Language’ popup menu 3. Highlight the phrase in the list … Continue reading