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  • Starting a Prove

    ( Proving )

    1. Select ‘P&ID’ from the Acquire menu 2. Click the Prover icon The Prover will be highlighted on the P&ID and the Prover sidebar will be displayed: 3. Click the ‘New Prove’ button in the sidebar 4. Select the Stream to prove 5. … Continue reading 

  • Viewing Historical Proves

    ( Proving )

    1. Select ‘Prover’ from the ‘Acquire’ menu The Prover Data and Control screen will be displayed: 2. Click ‘Control Charts’ in the menubar 3. Select ‘Prover Historical Data’ from the menu A list of historical proves will be displayed: 4. Select … Continue reading 

  • Viewing Prover Control Charts

    ( Proving )

    Once the prove has completed, Acquire can display the prove results in chart format. The following Prover Control Charts are available in Acquire: K Factor Linearisation Historical K Factor Linearisation Historical K Factor and Frequency Historical Meter Factor Historical Temperature … Continue reading