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Acquire™ is a trademark of Ambrit Ltd


  • Redundancy

    ( Redundancy )

    To provide server redundancy, Acquire will run with two simultaneous servers that are both active. Both servers actively poll the flowcomputers and both can be active as the HMI. This means that the secondary server can be available for use … Continue reading 

  • Setting Up Redundant Servers

    ( Redundancy )

    1. Ensure both Server 1 and Server 2 are on the network Both computers should be set up on the network and allocated an IP address that matches the IP address supplied to Ambrit. 2. Install Acquire on Server 1 … Continue reading 

  • Synchronization of Redundant Servers

    ( Redundancy )

    The following data types will be replicated between Acquire servers: Reports Batch Data from RTU Prove Data Audit Trail Custom Field Values User Enterable Batch Data Alarms Certain events, such as concurrent editing or reverting from a backup, can cause … Continue reading 

  • Copying/Updating Data Files

    ( Redundancy )

    1. Copy the data file to the “Database” folder in Acquire Note: If inconsistency in the data files has been detected the following dialog will be displayed. Click the ‘Copy Data File’ button to proceed. 2. Rename the file It is … Continue reading