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Adding a Device to the P&ID

Acquire must be in Config mode to perform these steps.

When Acquire starts for the first time it will automatically generate its best guess at what the P&ID should look like. It will draw the meter runs, common header and the prover (where applicable). Once the default P&ID has been generated it can be easily customised.

1. Select ‘P&ID’ from the ‘Acquire’ menu

2014-01-13 17.30.33 Screenshot

2. Select ‘Pallet’ from the ‘P&ID’ menu

The device pallet will be displayed:

2014-01-14 11.33.00 Screenshot

Use the popup menu to select different device types.

3. Drag the desired device from the pallet onto the P&ID

Most devices will display the Device Properties window to allow further customisation:

2014-01-14 16.39.36 Screenshot

4. Click the ‘OK’ button

The device will be added to the P&ID:

2014-01-14 16.40.16 Screenshot

Tip: Some devices, e.g. pressure and temperature meters, will automatically attach to the nearest pipe. If necessary, hold down the control key and then use the cursor keys to determine the pipe to connect with.

5. Select ‘Save P&ID’ from the ‘File’ menu to save the changes