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Adding a Field to the Sidebar

Acquire must be in Config mode to perform these steps.

1. Select ‘P&ID’ from the ‘Acquire’ menu

2014-01-13 17.30.33 Screenshot

2. Click on a device

The device will be highlighted on the P&ID and the the device details will be displayed in the sidebar:

2014-01-14 13.40.24 Screenshot

3. Right click at the top of the sidebar

2014-01-14 16.10.35 Screenshot

4. Select ‘Add Field…’ from the contextual menu

The Field List window will be displayed:

2014-01-14 16.15.19 Screenshot

5. Enter the field title into the ‘Title’ text box

Tip: If you leave the title blank then the field name will be used.

6. Select the field from the field list

2014-01-14 16.20.23 Screenshot

Tip: Search for the field by entering a partial match into the search box and clicking the ‘Go’ button. Modbus addresses can be entered into the search box.

7. Click the ‘OK’ button

The field will be added at the bottom of the sidebar:

2014-01-14 16.21.56 Screenshot

Tip: The order of fields in the sidebar can be changed by dragging and dropping fields to a new position.