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Alarm Groups

Acquire must be in Admin mode to perform these steps.

The Alarm Groups Preferences screen allows the alarm groups colors to be configured.

Each alarm group can be assigned a different color to make them easily identifiable on the alarms screen, audit report and on the alarm dock.

1. Select ‘Server Preferences…’ from the ‘Admin’ menu

2. Click ‘Alarm Groups’ in the left column

2014-01-30 13.28.26 Screenshot

All alarms raised in the flowcomputers are assigned to one of three groups:

System Shows any alarms that are specified as System alarms within the flowcomputer. This usually means alarms that are not specifically raised by a process fault or a fault within the flowcomputer e.g. it could be a fault on an instrument in the field.
Process Shows only those alarms that are specifically raised due to a fault condition in the process, e.g. a measured temperature value exceeding a limit alarm value.
Computer This is an alarm that has occurred due to a malfunction of the flowcomputer itself, e.g. an analogue input range fault, computer memory fault, etc.
Acquire Acquire may raise its own alarms due to internal server or communications faults.

3. Click the ‘OK’ button