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Acquire must be in Admin mode to perform these steps.

Acquire will monitor the alarms of all flow computers on the system.

The Alarms Preferences screen allows the alarm settings to be configured.

1. Select ‘Server Preferences…’ from the ‘Admin’ menu

2. Click ‘Alarms’ in the left column

2014-01-30 13.28.46 Screenshot

The following settings are available:

Enable Alarms Allows the polling of the flow computer for Alarms to be suspended. This can be used as a diagnostic tool.
Sample Period Sets how ofter the flow computers should be polled for alarms. Increasing this value will lessen the load on the flow computers but will increase the amount of time between an alarm being raised on the flow computer and being picked up by Acquire. Similarly decreasing the sample time will improve the response time to an alarm being raised and it being picked up by Acquire, but this will put a slight overhead on the flow computer.
Omni: The sample period for an Omni 6000 should not be set below 2 seconds.
S600: The sample period for an S600 should be set to 1 second.
Use Station’s Meter Run in Alarm Name This setting will use the station’s name in the alarm name replacing the default flow computer name. It will also use the station meter run name rather than the flow computer stream name. So rather than “Omni 6000 1 M1 Meter Temp Low Alarm” it will use the station name “Liquid Metering M1 Meter Temp Alarm”.
Filter Standby Alarms This setting will stop alarms from the standby flow computer appearing in the alarm list and the alarm dock, i.e. preventing each alarm from appearing twice.
Play Alarm Sounds on Web This setting will play an audible alarm warning when an alarm is raised on the Web.
Play Alarm Sounds on Server This setting will play an audible alarm warning when an alarm is raised on the Server.
Email Critical Alarms Acquire can send email notification of a critical alarm to a given email address. Alarms can be marked as critical in the Edit Alarms screen. Also ensure that you have configured a valid email address in the Email Preferences.

3. Click the ‘OK’ button