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Creating a CSV File

This is an optional feature and will only be available if it has been licensed in the key file.

Acquire must be in Config mode to perform these steps.

Acquire can monitor a field and export values from the flow computer when its value changes.

1. Select ‘Events…’ from the ‘Config’ Menu

The Events list will be displayed:

2014-01-31 09.59.38 Screenshot

2. Click the ‘Add’ button

The Events entry screen will be displayed:

2014-01-31 10.03.53 Screenshot

3. Enter the ‘Event Name’

4. Select “Value Changed” from the ‘Event Type’ popup menu

2014-01-31 10.29.48 Screenshot

5. Click the ‘Select’ button next to the ‘Monitored’ field

The Field List window will be displayed:

2014-01-13 17.52.24 Screenshot

6. Highlight the field to be monitored

7. Click the ‘OK’ button

The field will be added to the Events entry screen:

2014-01-31 10.31.24 Screenshot

8. Select “Export Field to CSV” from the ‘Action Type’ popup menu

2014-01-31 10.31.42 Screenshot

8. Click the ‘Select’ button next to the ‘Folder Name’ field

9. Select the folder and click the ‘OK’ button

The flow computer field pallet will be displayed:

2014-01-31 10.52.56 Screenshot

10. Drag fields from the flow computer field pallet into the CSV field list

2014-01-31 10.34.24 Screenshot

The CSV field list can be imported and exported from a tab delimited text file.

11. Click the ‘OK’ button

The event will be added to the Events list:

2014-01-31 10.48.27 Screenshot

11. Click the ‘Apply’ button

Acquire will restart and the event will then be activated.

Whenever the monitored value changes Acquire will append the exported fields to a CSV file. A CSV file will be created every day.