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Ending the Current Batch

This is an optional feature and will only be available if it has been licensed in the key file.

1. Select ‘Batches’ from the Navigation Bar

The Batch Schedule screen will be displayed:


Each batch in the schedule will be displayed in the list. An ‘End’ button will be shown against each loading batch.

Note: The ‘End’ button will only be displayed if the user has the correct access privileges.

2. Click the ‘End’ button next to the batch in the list

A confirmation dialog will be displayed:


3. Click the ‘Yes’ button

The batch status will change to “Ending”:


Once the batch has ended it will be removed from the schedule and transferred into the Batch History.

Pipeline Batching: Acquire will start the next batch in the list automatically. If there is not a next batch the current batch will be repeated.

Ship Loading: Acquire will wait for the next batch to be started manually.

4. Click on the ‘History’ tab

The batch will be displayed in the Batch History list: