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Acquire™ is a trademark of Ambrit Ltd

Introducing Acquire™

Introducing AcquireAcquire provides a secure, real time, graphically rich HMI that is incredibly easy to use. Access to real time data, P&IDs, charts, alarms, audit trails and reports is unbelievably intuitive and reflects the way that you work.

With an unprecedented level of support for industry standard flowcomputers  and unparalleled ease of setup, Acquire lets you build a full HMI straight out of the box in just a matter of minutes, with no software skills needed!

By taking advantage of the latest Internet technology, Acquire provides an innovative way of allowing easy access to real time measurement and control data to users where ever they are in the world.

Acquire is a highly scalable and versatile HMI application and can offer a cost effective solution to any metering application. It can easily monitor just a single stream or can be scaled up to manage several metering stations, with many duty / standby flowcomputers  running with redundant servers on redundant networks.

Acquire allows you to build powerful HMI solutions to solve real world metering problems without any technical risk.