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Modifying a Station

Acquire must be in Config mode to perform these steps.

1. Select ‘Stations’ from the ‘Config’ menu

The Stations list will be displayed:

2014-02-11 15.42.16 Screenshot

2. Double click on the station

The Station setup screen will be displayed:

2014-02-11 15.57.49 Screenshot

3. Enter the fields as follows:

Station Name This is the name used to identify the station.
Station Stream This determines if there is a station header or not. If there is a station header select “Station Stream in Flow computer”, otherwise select “No Station Stream”.
Prover Type Select the type of prover being used. Options include “No Prover”, “Two Switch Bi-Directional Prover”, “Uni-Directional Prover”, “Welker Prover”, “Compact Prover”, “Calibron Prover” or “Master Meter”.
Prover Arrangement If a prover has been chosen in the ‘Prover Type’ popup menu, then an extra popup menu will be added to set how the prover flow computer is configured. The options are: “In Each Flowcomputer” and “Dedicated Prover Flowcomputer”.

Only choose “Dedicated Prover Flowcomputer” if there is a separate flow computer responsible for doing the proving.

Batching Type If the selected metering station has a configuration that supports batching then Acquire will insert extra options that allows batchig to be setup for the station.Select the type of batching used. Options include: “No Batching”, “Pipeline”, “Ship Loading” and “Classic”.

Use Pipeline batching when there is continuous flow or Ship Loading when flow starts and stops for a batch. Classic batching must be used for the following Omni configurations:

  • 20.74.17 and below
  • 21.74.0 and below
  • 22.74.5 and below
  • 23.74.18 and below
  • 24.74.15 and below
  • 26.74.9 and below
  • 27.74.17 and below
  • Any configuration starting 25 (Metric Liquid Orifice)

Note: The Batching menus are only available if the Acquire server has a Batching licence installed.

Batching Mode If a batch mode has been chosen in the ‘Batching Type’ popup menu, then an extra popup menu will be added to set how the batching should be configured. The options are: “Station” and “Stream”. If more than 1 flow computer has been added then the batch mode will be restricted to “Stream”.

Note: These settings must be match the settings in the flow computer. Acquire will ensure these match the batch mode when the system starts up.

4. Set up the Streams

Follow these instructions to set up the streams.

5. Click the ‘OK’ button

Note: If the options have changed it may be necessary to regenerate the P&ID.