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Refresh Rates

Acquire must be in Admin mode to perform these steps.

The frequency that values are updated in Acquire is determined by two settings:  how often Acquire fetches values from the flowcomputer and how often Acquire updates the website.

The Refresh Rates Preferences screen allows the refresh settings to be configured.

1. Select ‘Server Preferences…’ from the ‘Admin’ menu

2. Click ‘Refresh Rates’ in the left column

2014-01-30 13.30.05 Screenshot

The following settings are available:

Refresh Field Values In Editors Use this slider to set how often Acquire updates the P&ID and data screens on the Acquire server. The default setting is 1 second.
Refresh Data On Website Web browsers must constantly ask the server if there have been any updates.

Use this slider to set how often the browser checks the server for updates. The default setting is 5 seconds.

Warning: Setting this value too low can have an impact on the browser and may cause it too fail, especially if the next update is sent before the reply has been set. It is not recommended that this value is to less than 5 seconds unless fast machines are being used on a fast network.

Refresh Chart On Website Just as with the data, the browser must make a request for each new chart graphic. For optimal performance this should be set to be equal or greater than the sample period for the chart otherwise the same chart may be sent more than once! The default setting is 15 seconds.

3. Click the ‘OK’ button