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Report Archive

Acquire must be in Admin mode to perform these steps.

Acquire will collect reports from the flow computers.

The Report Archive Preferences screen allows the report storage settings to be configured.

1. Select ‘Server Preferences…’ from the ‘Admin’ menu

2. Click ‘Report Archive’ in the left column

2014-01-30 13.30.39 Screenshot

The following settings are available:

Location This is the path to the reports folder. It is recommended that reports are stored on a different volume to the Acquire data file.Click the ‘Browse’ button to select a different path.

By default reports are archived to the C:\Acquire\Reports folder.

Filename Format This is the format of the file name that will be used when archiving the reports.R = Full report name
r = Report name
D = day
M = month
Y = year
H = hour
m = minute
S = second

A format of “YYYY-MM-DD HH.mm.ss RRRRR” will generate a filename of “2014-01-30 15.05.05 Daily Report”. The time in the file name represents the time when the report was generated.

3. Click the ‘OK’ button