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Acquire™ is a trademark of Ambrit Ltd

Acquire can be accessed securely from anywhere in the world using just a standard web browser.

Acquire employs the latest web based security technology to ensure that access to the server is fully controlled and secured. All data sent across the network can be encrypted using SSL 256-bit encryption.

Users are assigned their own username, password and access level. Access restrictions may limit a user to being able to view data, change data or configure the server etc.

Login credentials are tokenised using Digest Authentication. This adds extra password encryption and enables Acquire to track every page request that a user makes.

The integral web server and database are purpose built for the sole purpose of running the HMI. Each page request is carefully checked and validated to ensure that the user has sufficient access privileges to continue. Every page served is dynamically generated to provide a personalised and secure environment.

An Acquire server is secure straight out of the box. It can be deployed safely without the need for an IT department to lock down and secure the server.

Contact Ambrit for more details on the embedded security aspects of Acquire.