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Setting up a Tank

Acquire must be in Config mode to perform these steps.

1. Select ‘P&ID’ from ‘Acquire’ menu

screenshot 300316 151651

2. Select ‘Pallet’ from ‘P&ID’ menu

2014-01-14 11.33.00 Screenshot

3. Select ‘Tanks’ from ‘Devices’ dropdown menu

screenshot 310316133105

4. Drag the ‘Tank’ from the pallet onto the P&ID

screenshot 310316140742

5. Click  the ‘OK’ button

6. Double click on the ‘Flowcomputer Field’ for ‘Tank Capacity’

From the selection, choose the required field

screenshot 300316 152001

7. Double click on the flow computer field for product volume

From the selection, choose the required field.

8. Click the ‘OK’ button

screenshot 300316 152257

9. Right click the sidebar and select ‘Add Field…’

10. Enter the ‘Title’ as “Tank Capacity”

screenshot 3103161343052

11. Select the tank capacity field

12. Click the ‘OK’ button

13. Right click the sidebar again and select ‘Add Field…’

screenshot 310316141435

14. Enter the ‘Title’ as “Product Level”

screenshot 310316142943

15. Select the product volume field

16. Click the ‘OK’ button

screenshot 310316143413