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Setting up Enterable Fields

This is an optional feature and will only be available if it has been licensed in the key file.

Acquire must be in Config mode to perform these steps.

Custom enterable fields allow Acquire to be extended by adding new fields that can record manually entered values that are stored in Acquire Once defined, custom fields can be used on the P&ID, data screens, alarms screen and custom reports.

Custom fields can also be used to apply simple mathematical formulas to one or more flow computer fields. See the ‘Setting up Calculation Fields’ section for more details.

1. Select ‘Custom Fields…’ from the ‘Config’ Menu

The Custom Fields list will be displayed:

2014-01-29 12.30.25 Screenshot

2. Click the ‘Add’ button

The Custom Fields entry screen will be displayed:

2014-01-29 12.32.45 Screenshot

3. Select “Enterable” from the ‘Type’ field

The screen layout will be updated to allow the enterable field settings to be configured:

2014-01-30 10.38.43 Screenshot

4. Enter the fields as follows:

Full Field Name This is the name used to identify the enterable custom field.
Type Set the Type field to “Enterable”.
Station This is the station that the field is associated with. This helps in locating the field when setting up the P&ID and detail screens.
Units These are the units that should be used when displaying the field. Either select a unit from the popup menu or manually enter one.
Security Level Acquire uses Security Levels to determine the level of access that the user must have to change a field’s value. Security Level 0 is always not enterable. Set the Security Level to match the user’s permissions.
Value  This is the default (or current) value of the field.

4. Click the ‘OK’ button

This will save the Custom Field and add it to Custom Field list:

2014-01-30 10.46.19 Screenshot

Note: Although the new custom field is displayed on the Custom Fields list it will not be available to the rest of Acquire until the server is restarted.

5. Click the ‘Apply’ button

Acquire will restart and the new custom field(s) will be available in the P&ID, screens, charts and reports.

2014-01-30 10.46.54 Screenshot