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Setting up Valves to Manually Show Flow

Acquire must be in Config mode to perform these steps.

1. Select ‘Custom Fields’ from the ‘Config’ menu

screenshot 310316152625

2. Click the ‘Add’ button

screenshot 310316152700

3. Enter the ‘Full Field Name’ for the custom field, e.g.“Valve Status”

4. Select the ‘Type’ as “Enterable”

5. Select the ‘Security Level’ as any nonzero number, e.g. “1″

screenshot 310316153052

6. Click the ‘OK’ button

screenshot 3103161531187. Click the ‘OK’ button

screenshot 310316153243

8. Double click on a valve

The Valve Properties window will be displayed:

screenshot 310316153310

9. Double click the ‘Flowcomputer Field’ for the “Valve Position”

screenshot 310316153443

10. Select “Acquire” from the ‘Flowcomputer’ popup menu

11. Select the field that represents the custom valve status

12. Click the ‘OK’ button

13. Repeat steps 9-12 for ‘Open’ and ‘Close’

14. Click the ‘Value’ for “Open” and enter the value “1”

15. Click the ‘Value’ for “Close” and enter the value “2”

screenshot 310316153854

16. Click the ‘OK’ button

screenshot 010416093615