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Acquire™ is a trademark of Ambrit Ltd

This is an optional feature and will only be available if it has been licensed in the key file.

1. Select ‘Batches’ from the Acquire menu

The Batch Schedule screen will be displayed:

2014-03-12 15.20.31 Screenshot

The batch schedule will show a list of all batches that have been setup. See the ‘Add a Batch‘ section for more details on how to setup new batches.

2. Click on a batch in the list

The Batch Details screen will be displayed for that batch:

2014-03-12 15.20.41 Screenshot

3. Click the ‘Start Batch’ button

A confirmation dialog will be displayed:

2014-03-12 15.00.14 Screenshot

4. Click the ‘Yes’ button

This will assign the batch running in the flow computer to the batch in the batch schedule. The batch loading screen will be displayed.

2014-03-12 15.21.05 Screenshot

See the ‘Ending a Batch’ section for more details on how to end the batch.