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Time Synchronization

Acquire must be in Admin mode to perform these steps.

Acquire can synchronize the time between the server and the flow computers in several different ways.

Note: Time synchronization is not enabled by default to avoid potential clashes with other external systems.

1. Select ‘Server Preferences…’ from the ‘Admin’ menu

2. Click ‘Time Synchronization’ in the left column

2014-01-20 16.55.28 Screenshot

The following settings are available:

Get Time From Either the Acquire server or one of the flow computers can act as the primary time server master. If Acquire has been selected as the time master, then it will use the server’s system clock as the base time and will synchronize the time to each connected flow computer.If a flow computer has been selected as the time master, then Acquire will read the time from that flow computer, set the clock on the server and then synchronize the time in any other flow computers.

Note: The required date and time fields are missing from the default S600 Modbus map and will need to be added manually.

Sync Time It is also possible to set the time that synchronization should occur. Ideally, this should be after 2am to allow for Daylight Saving Time changeovers.
Synchronize with Server 2 This checkbox will synchronize the time in redundant Acquire server.

Clicking the ‘Synchronize Now’ button gets the time from the selected time master and synchronizes the time with the other devices immediately.

3. Click the ‘OK’ button