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Acquire™ is a trademark of Ambrit Ltd

Version Information

Acquire v4 includes the following features:

Web Based

  • Web based Data Acquisition and System Control
  • Internet services using Webspring™ server
  • Browser access using Internet Explorer® / Google Chrome / Firefox / Safari
  • Fully HTTP 1.1 standard compliant


  • Digest Authentication for secure password control
  • Multi level user access
  • Isolates RTUs from the network
  • Optional 256 bit SSL Encryption


  • Modbus TCP/Serial clients
  • Native support for:
    • Omni 3000/6000
    • Daniel FloBoss S600
    • Daniel FloBoss S600+
  • Support for all other Modbus based RTUs / PLCs
  • Modbus Server
  • OPC Server

Real Time Acquisition

  • Live data while editing
  • Intelligent polling of RTUs
  • Fast performance – low bandwidth connections
  • Flicker-free dynamic page refreshing
  • Adjustable network optimisation
  • Calculated fields across many RTUs
  • Multiple stations

Graphic Rich Interface

  • Easy to use menu driven interface
  • Interactive P&ID mimic diagrams
  • Graphical data snapshots
  • Charts any RTU data point
  • Alarm Dock display of latest alarms
  • Customisable interface
  • Local / Web based access
  • Proving
  • Prover Control Charts
  • Batch reporting and scheduling
  • Multi Language


  • Access to the reports in the flowcomputer
  • Customised Reports
  • Styled Reports
  • Fully searchable Audit Trail
  • Alarms List
  • Send reports via Email as PDF, Excel or text attachments
  • Historical Reports


  • Simple installation and setup
  • Automatic configuration
  • Custom layout of every screen
  • WYSIWYG editors with drag and drop interface
  • No custom programming required
  • Secure, remote, worldwide administration and support
  • Scalable solution