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Viewing the Current Batch

This is an optional feature and will only be available if it has been licensed in the key file.

1. Select ‘Batches’ from the Navigation Bar

The Batch Schedule screen will be displayed:


2. Double click on the required batch in the list

The Batch Results screen will display the current status of the running batch:


Batch No The batch number is generated when creating the batch. This is read only.
Date The date that the batch was expected.
Batch Status The status of the batch i.e. “Loading”.
Consignee The name of the user receiving the batch.
Product The product of the running batch.
Batch Size The original required volume. The batch size can be updated on the ‘Details’ screen.
Batch Loaded The total amount for the batch. It will be the total for all streams.
Batch Remaining This is calculated from the required volume and the amount loaded fields (batch remaining = batch size – batch loaded).
Start Time The date and time that the batch was started.
End Time The estimated time that the batch will complete. It is derived from the batch remaining, total flow rate, and start time (estimated end time = start time + (batch remaining/total flow rate). At the end of the batch, the definitive time record for when the batch completed will be displayed.
Time Taken The amount of time that the current batch has been running for.
Time Remaining The amount of time left until the batch completes (time remaining = batch remaining/total flow rate).

3. Click the ‘End Batch’ button

The batch will be ended and the batch results and batch reports will be downloaded from the flow computer.

4. Click the ‘OK’ button

The Batch Schedule screen will be displayed.