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Acquire™ is a trademark of Ambrit Ltd

Viewing the Logs

Acquire must be in Admin mode to perform these steps.

Everything that Acquire does is recorded and stored in the logs.

The level of information recorded can be configured manually. Follow these instructions to set logging levels.

1. Select ‘Logs…’ from the ‘Server’ menu

2014-02-07 13.31.36 Screenshot

2. Select the required log from the ‘Log’ popup menu

There are many different log files available.

  • Audit Backup
  • Batch
  • Chart
  • DNS
  • Events
  • Mail
  • Mercury
  • Modbus Client
  • Modbus Server
  • OPC Server
  • Phrasebook
  • Reports
  • RPC Client
  • RPC Server
  • Script
  • SOAP
  • Startup
  • Sync
  • System
  • Webspring

Ambrit can advise which logs are most useful to help diagnose system problems.

3. Enter a keyword in the ‘Search’ field to filter the log

This will filter the log to show only events that match the specified criteria.

4. Click the ‘Pause’ checkbox

The logs update automatically to show all events as they happen; this can make them difficult to read if they are moving too quickly.

Pausing the logs stops them from updating and takes a snapshot.

Note: Events are still recorded to file even when the logs are paused.