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Introducing Metrology™

Metrology™ is a collection of metering applications that include an equipment inventory database, logbook; calibration management; prover regression and analysis; audit reporting; and data collection and analysis tools.

These applications are fully integrated and seamlessly share data amongst themselves in order to demonstrate the accuracy of the metering station and that it complies with industry standards in a reliable and open manner. Metrology™ tracks every piece of equipment installed at the metering station and documents every operational or maintenance event that has occurred providing the highest levels of audibility and transparency possible.


Record™ is an advanced electronic web based logbook that tracks any operational or maintenance changes made to metering instrumentation. Events can be either manually or automatically recorded and can be augmented with pictures, file attachments and meter totals if required. Purpose designed data entry forms dynamically adjust to ensure that all required information is captured and recorded in a fully auditable format that can be queried using a standard web browser for ease of access and full traceability.


Calibrate™ provides an innovative way of managing an entire calibration programme for one or more metering stations with a common set of approved calibration templates that can be easily accessed and made available through a web browser. Calibrate™ features intuitive data entry screens that lead technicians through the calibration process and then stores the results in an auditable database. This data can be used to graphically present the long term performance of each piece of equipment, helping make a case to extend calibration periods where ever possible and to help manage the overall uncertainty of the metering station.


Approve™ verifies prove data to ensure that all operational meters are performing at their optimum levels. Approve™ produces a certificate for each prove on the system that  shows whether the prove results fall within a required set of criteria and that its historical performance is consistent, automatically rejecting bad data and offering advice to the operator when further steps are required. Approve™ retains a fully auditable history of every prove performed and plots this data as a range of high quality API compliant control charts that graphically demonstrate how each meter is performing. Once Approve™ has collected a statistically significant amount of prove results it can extrapolate on this to determine predict future meter performance and K factors for situations where proving is not possible.


Inspect™ manages the entire audit program through a standard web browser, simplifying the whole audit process from the creation of the initial audit inspection criteria, writing the report, peer review, through to the publishing of the report and the management of the findings. Inspect™ builds a library of standard formatted audit documents and makes them available online. By managing the audit centrally and providing access to it over the web, it allows a team of people to collaborate in a way that would be impossible using a conventional approach.


Profile™ is a web-enabled solution for data acquisition and reporting, allowing operators, technicians and management to reach out over vast distances to gain secure, real time access to measurement and control data, alarms and reports from remote systems regardless of location. Data from the field is maintained in a historical database and can be analysed or handed off to other systems.

Profile has its own dedicated user manual.


At the heart of Metrology is Inventory™. Inventory™ tracks all equipment involved on the metering station. Equipment is presented in an intuitive navigation panel that reflects the hierarchy of the site. Information such as the manufacturer, model or type, serial number, date of installation, history of usage, last calibration date and location on the plant is all tracked for every piece of equipment regardless of whether it is active, in stores, off site for maintenance or repair or no longer used. This equipment data is shared between other applications in the Metrology™ suite.

By bringing all this data into a single location, Metrology™ can provide a
unique view of how well their metering stations are performing. Real time, historical data and administration events are brought together for every piece of equipment on every station for the entire system