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  • Introduction

    ( Configurations )

    Configurations are at the heart of Profile. Every RTU on the system is assigned a configuration that describes the communications, alarms, screens and reports.     Configurations can be shared between multiple RTUs that are set up in the same … Continue reading 

  • Adding a Configuration

    ( Configurations )

    There are two ways to add a configuration. The recommended way is to add a configuration while adding the RTU itself. See the ‘Adding an RTU‘ section for more information. Alternatively, generic RTU configurations can be created directly from the … Continue reading 

  • Deleting a Configuration

    ( Configurations )

    The configuration cannot be deleted if there are RTUs using it. In this situation the RTUs must be removed first. Warning: Once the configuration has been deleted it cannot be recovered.  1. Select ‘Configurations…’ from the ‘Config’ menu 2. Single click a configuration … Continue reading