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Profile™ is a trademark of Ambrit Ltd

Getting Started

  • Minimum Requirements

    ( Getting Started, Introduction )

    Minimum Server requirements: 3Ghz Xeon (Dual Core minimum, 4 Core recommended) 16GB RAM (or greater) 1TB Hard Drive 1280 x 768 display (or greater) 2 x 100bT Ethernet (1 connection to process network, 1 connection to enterprise network) Serial Ports (optional) Static … Continue reading 

  • Setting a Static IP Address

    ( Getting Started )

    Profile requires a static IP address so that it can be accessed from the network. 1. Open the ‘Control Panel’ folder This example show Windows 7 (other versions of Windows are similar). 2. Click ‘Network and Internet’ The Network and Internet control panel is … Continue reading 

  • Installing the PDF Creator Printer Driver

    ( Getting Started )

    Profile requires a PDF driver to generate styled and tabular reports. 1. Download the PDF Creator software PDF Creator can be downloaded from: PDFCreator-1_7_3_setup.exe (Please use version 1.7.3 of PDF creator as versions 2.0 and above are not compatible with Profile) 2. Double click the … Continue reading 

  • Viewing the Licence Agreement

    ( Getting Started )

    The first time that Profile runs, and each subsequent time the version of Profile is updated, the licence agreement must be accepted. 1. Read the licence agreement 2. Click the ‘Accept’ button to agree with the terms If you do … Continue reading 

  • Registering Profile

    ( Getting Started )

    Once the key has been installed, it must be registered to your computer. 1. Contact Ambrit with your Product ID Tip: Click the ‘Email Product ID’ button to automatically generate an email that contains your product ID. 2. Enter your … Continue reading 

  • Adding an Administrator Password

    ( Getting Started )

    An Administrator user will be created by default. This user will be able to manage the whole Profile server. Profile will prompt for a password for this user. IMPORTANT: Keep the Administrator password in a safe place as recovering the … Continue reading 

  • Running Profile as a Windows Service

    ( Getting Started )

    A special license and a special version is required to run Profile as a service. Ensure you have the Profile Server version before proceeding. Running as a service allows Profile to start automatically when the machine starts up and to … Continue reading 

  • Logging on to Profile

    ( Getting Started )

    1. Open a web browser window Please see ‘Minimum Requirements‘ for supported web browsers. 2. Enter the static IP address or URL that was provided by your system administrator Tip: If you do not know these details select ‘View Web Site’ … Continue reading