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Modbus Server

  • About the Modbus Server

    ( Modbus Server )

    Profile features an optional Modbus server. While Profile performs its scheduled data collection, it will cache the data it has collected and make it available to the Modbus server. Whenever a Modbus client makes a request of the Modbus Server, the Modbus server will respond with the last … Continue reading 

  • Modbus Server Map

    ( Modbus Server )

    Profile’s Modbus map will automatically be created by dividing up the map into individual blocks with a block assigned to each RTU on the system. The contents of each block is defined in the configuration setup. The default block size allocated … Continue reading 

  • Setting up Configuration Modbus Server Map

    ( Modbus Server )

    Each configuration has its own Modbus map. This map will automatically be extrapolated for each RTU on the system See here for more information. 1. Open the Configuration 2. Click on the ‘Modbus Server’ configuration settings panel Note: The Modbus Server configuration … Continue reading 

  • Setting Up a Modbus Server

    ( Modbus Server )

    The Modbus server makes data collected by Profile available to other Modbus clients. Before setting up the Modbus server, please ensure that the Modbus server’s Modbus map has been setup for each configuration. 1. Select ‘Modbus Server’ from the ‘Config’ menu 2. … Continue reading