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Profile™ is a trademark of Ambrit Ltd


  • Profile Interface

    ( Navigation )

    Profile manages remote RTUs at different locations and provides easy navigation to them using just a web browser. The interface is made up of the following features: Location Bar The Location Bar shows the path to the currently selected area. … Continue reading 

  • Navigating Profile

    ( Navigation )

    Profile has two different navigation modes: worldwide and station. Worldwide Mode The worldwide mode provides an overview of the entire system and allows you to navigate to any area or station on the system. Clicking on a station will transfer … Continue reading 

  • Navigating Using the Map

    ( Navigation )

    If maps have been installed on your Profile server then they will be displayed by default when you go to the Profile home page To add a map see the ‘Adding a Map‘ section for more details. 1. Click on … Continue reading 

  • Navigating Using the Worldwide Menu

    ( Navigation )

    The Worldwide Menu will start off with the topmost item in the list highlighted e.g. USA. The right hand screen will show all items on the system that the user has access to. 2. Click on one of the areas … Continue reading 

  • Adding an Area to the Worldwide Menu

    ( Navigation )

    1. Highlight the area in the Worldwide Menu where the new area should be added In this example, a sub area will be added to Oklahoma. 2. Click the ‘+’ button at the bottom of the Worldwide Menu This will … Continue reading 

  • Adding a Map

    ( Navigation )

    If you’d like to have maps on your system please contact Ambrit. The map consists of two files, one a picture file and the other a text file. 1. Edit an area 2. Click the ‘Browse’ button next to the ‘Picture’ … Continue reading