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  • Adding an RTU

    ( RTUs )

    An RTU can only be added to a station if there is an unallocated stream. See the ‘Adding More Streams to a Station‘ section for more details. 1. Go to the Stations List in the Worldwide Mode 2. Double click … Continue reading 

  • Editing an RTU

    ( RTUs )

    1. Go to the station 2. Click the ‘RTUs’ tab in the Navigation Bar 3. Double click on the RTU to be edited 4. Click the ‘Settings’ tab 5. Click the ‘Edit’ button 6. Edit the RTU details See the … Continue reading 

  • Advanced RTU Settings

    ( RTUs )

    The advanced RTU settings are located at the bottom of the Edit RTU screen. See the ‘Editing an RTU‘ section for more details. 1. Scroll to the bottom of the Edit RTU page 2. Expand the ‘Advanced Settings’ section by clicking on the … Continue reading 

  • Finding a Station for an RTU

    ( RTUs )

    If you only know the name of the RTU, you can easily find the station that the RTU is associated with. 1. Go to the Worldwide Mode 2. Click the ‘RTUs’ tab in the Navigation Bar 3. Enter the name of the … Continue reading 

  • Sharing RTU Streams across Stations

    ( RTUs )

    RTUs that can handle multiple meter runs can be set up over multiple stations. e.g. a 4 meter run RTU can be set up for 2 stations, with 2 meter runs on station 1 and the remaining meter runs on station … Continue reading 

  • Manually Allocating Streams

    ( RTUs )

    Some RTUs have the ability to handle multiple meter runs. Profile, will by default, attempt to map the meter runs in the RTU to the meter runs used in Profile using a straight forward mapping, e.g. meter run 1 in the … Continue reading 

  • Managing RTUs

    ( RTUs )

    Profile constantly monitors the status of each RTU and provides an easy to read summary of its performance over time. A daily / weekly email version of this summary can also be emailed to subscribed users, making it easy to … Continue reading 

  • Importing RTUs

    ( RTUs )

    Although it is possible to individually add each RTU into Profile, RTUs can be easily added by importing them from a file. This file will also create all the areas and the stations too if necessary. Importing RTUs must be … Continue reading