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Profile™ is a trademark of Ambrit Ltd

About Historical Data Blocks

N.B. This must be performed on the server.


Profile™ provides a built in mechanism that allows it to retrieve historical data from PLCs that don’t support standard Enron Modbus archives.

To do this, the PLC must reserve a group of Modbus registers that will be used to store the historical data. These registers will be broken down into groups of stream blocks; and these stream blocks will, in turn, be broken down into history blocks. Each history block represents a collection of historical data for a given period. The size of the history block and the number of history blocks can be defined in Profile™. There must be at least one one stream block and one history block defined.

Start Address
The start address will define the position of the historical data in the Modbus map. In the example above the start address is 1100.

End Addres
The end address will position of the last historical data field in the Modbus map. In the example above the end address is 1340.

Number of History Blocks
The number of history blocks define how many historical data entries will be stored.