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About the Modbus Server

N.B. This must be performed on the server.

Profile features an optional Modbus server.

While Profile performs its scheduled data collection, it will cache the data it has collected and make it available to the Modbus server. Whenever a Modbus client makes a request of the Modbus Server, the Modbus server will respond with the last set of data that it collected.




By default Profile will collect data from each RTU every hour, but it can be made to continue collecting Modbus data from the RTUs for the remainder of the data collection period once it has completed the first collection loop. This allows the Modbus server to get updated values during the rest of the data collection period.

Tip: The Modbus client should be programmed to make individual polls for data for each RTU block. If Profile cannot communicate with an RTU and its data has gone stale, the Modbus server will respond with a Modbus exception code 04 message.

Note: The Modbus client will not be able to make changes to set points or other values in the RTUs.