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Adding a Configuration

N.B. This must be performed on the server.

There are two ways to add a configuration. The recommended way is to add a configuration while adding the RTU itself. See the ‘Adding an RTU‘ section for more information.

Alternatively, generic RTU configurations can be created directly from the server.

1. Select ‘Configurations…’ from the ‘Config’ menu

2. Click the ‘Add Config’ button

3. Enter the ‘Configuration Name’

This is the name of the configuration that will be displayed when adding the RTU.

4. Select the type of RTU from the ‘RTU Type’ popup menu

5. Click the ‘Next’ button

What happens next will depend on the type of RTU selected. If Profile needs to find out more information from the RTU the next screen will request details about the RTU. If the RTU has a fixed Modbus map then skip to section 8.

2014-07-24 15.04.37 Screenshot

6. Enter the RTU details

7. Click the ‘Import’ button

8. Wait for the Configuration to be imported

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 15.00.57

2014-07-24 16.10.09 Screenshot

9. Click the ‘Finish’ button

Once complete, the new configuration will be added to the Configurations screen:

10. Double click on the configuration to edit it

See the following sections on how to setup the configuration: