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Adding a Field

N.B. This must be performed on the server.

1. Open the Configuration

2. Click the ‘Fields’ configuration settings panel

3. Click the ‘Add Field’ button

The Edit Field screen will be displayed:

4. Enter the fields as follows:

Data Map Each field must be assigned to a data map holding either registers, coils, inputs or input registers.
Modbus Address This is the Modbus address in the RTU that Profile™ will poll to obtain data. Although a Modbus field must have a unique Modbus addresses, the same Modbus address can appear on different data maps. For example, Modbus address 7000 can appear on both the coil data map and the holding register map. The Modbus address field will automatically increment as fields are added.
Field Name This is the name that will be used by Profile™. The field should be given a verbose, user-friendly name – e.g. “Stream 1 Temperature High Limit” rather than “STR01 Temp HiLim” – for ease when building the screens and reports later on.
Alarm Setting this checkbox indicates that any non-zero value for the field should cause an alarm to occur. The name of the alarm defaults to the field name.
Field Type This field defines how the field information is stored. Common field types include: 8 bit integer; 16 bit integer; 32 bit integer; float; double; boolean.To add a new field type select “Custom” from the ‘Field Type’ popup menu or click the ‘Edit’ button. See the ‘Customising Field Types‘ section for more details.

To setup more advanced features see one of the following pages:

5. Click the ‘Save and Next’ button

The field will be saved and the Edit Field screen for the next field will be displayed.

N.B. If this is the last field that needs to be added, click ‘Save’ to save this field and return to the Fields screen.