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Viewing Latest Data

By default Profile shows real time data in the process data screens and will continually update these screens with the latest values from the RTU every few seconds. Although this gives the most up to date information there may instances where this would put a significant strain on the communications. Systems that use radio, dial up modems or even satellite to connect can benefit from restricting users to seeing just the latest collected data, thus reducing costs and improving performance by removing the time taken to establish the connection. Of course, the user can switch into live data mode at any point if they do need to see up to date information or make changes to set points.

To use Latest Data you must enable it first. See the ‘Server Preferences’ section for more details.

1. Go to the station

2. Click the ‘Process Data’ tab in the Navigation Bar

Screen shot 2010-09-03 at 16.48.03

If Latest Data has been enabled then it will be shown by default when displaying the Process Data screen. Note: Fields can only be edited in Live Data mode.

3. Click the ‘Live Data’ tab to view real time data