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Profile™ is a trademark of Ambrit Ltd


  • Introducing Profile™

    ( Introduction )

    Profile™ is a web-based data acquisition and reporting system designed to gather measurement data from a wide range of RTUs over diverse network topologies and make it easily accessible to all interested parties – operators, technicians, auditors, corporate personnel and … Continue reading 

  • Version Information

    ( Introduction )

    To access manuals from previous versions or upgrade from a previous version of Profile please contact Ambrit. It includes the following features: Features Multiple installations / multiple stations Real-time data Historical data Long term trending Alarm management Audit events Global … Continue reading 

  • Minimum Requirements

    ( Getting Started, Introduction )

    Minimum Server requirements: 3Ghz Xeon (8 core recommended) 32GB RAM (or greater) 512GB SSD 1TB Hard Drive 1280 x 768 display (or greater) 1x 1000bT Ethernet Serial Ports (optional) Static IP Address Windows Server 2016R2 (64bit) or greater Minimum Web … Continue reading 

  • Glossary

    ( Introduction )

    Area An area is a geographical region that contains other areas or stations. Station A station is a collection of streams. Stream A stream is a collection of related data points. It can be a meter run, well, cylinder or tank etc.