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  • Supported RTUs

    ( RTUs )

    Omni 3000 / 6000 ABB Spirit Flow-X Emerson FloBoss 103 / 107 Emerson ROC 800 Dynamic Flowcomputers Micro MVL / Micro MVG / Micro MP3 Krohne Altosonic Any Modbus RTU

  • Adding an RTU

    ( RTUs )

    1. Navigate to the station See the ‘Viewing a Station’ section for more detail. 2. Click the ‘RTUs’ tab in the Navigation Bar 3. Click the ‘Add’ button The RTU Setup screen is displayed: RTU Setup is split into four sections which are shown in the sidebar of the screen and … Continue reading 

  • RTU Setup – RTU Details

    ( RTUs )

    1. Enter a name for the RTU and select the RTU Type (and version if applicable) 1 2. Ensure that the ‘Enabled’ box is ticked 2 N.B. Untick the ‘Enabled’ box to disable the RTU if required. Disabling an RTU hides it from … Continue reading 

  • RTU Setup – Communications

    ( RTUs )

    1. Select whether Profile will make a direct connection to the RTU or retrieve historical data from a VIA 1 2. Select the poll rate for the data collection 2 3. Configure direct connection details (if applicable) 3 Enter the communications settings for the RTU. 4. Click … Continue reading 

  • RTU Setup – Data Map

    ( RTUs )

    Profile will automatically pre-fill the data map for Omni 6000, Omni 7000, Dynamic Micro MP3, Dynamic Micro MVL, Emerson ROC 800L and Krohne Altosonic RTUs. For ABB Spirit Flow-X and PLC RTUs, click the ‘Import’ button 1 to import an … Continue reading 

  • RTU Setup – Channels

    ( RTUs )

    The Channels section allows the channel, configuration, template and data collection fields to be configured for each of the data sources on the station. The data sources must be set up on the first visit to the Channels section: 1. … Continue reading 

  • RTU Templates

    ( RTUs )

    Templates enable field settings for a single channel or a group of channels to be shared between RTUs. 1. Navigate to a channel section 2. Edit the fields within the data collection sections as required See the ‘Channels’ section for more detail. 3. Click the ‘Save … Continue reading 

  • Managing RTUs

    ( RTUs )

    1. Click the ‘RTUs’ tab in the Navigation Bar The RTUs List displays information about every RTU in the selected area or station: The list can be filtered using the filters in the right hand sidebar. Editing an RTU To … Continue reading