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Profile™ is a trademark of Ambrit Ltd

Tech Notes

  • Profile API

    ( Tech Notes )

    Data in Profile™ can be made available to other systems through a Profile API call. The API will allow data to be pushed or polled. e.g. each time Profile™ receives a new batch it can be pushed straight to an external … Continue reading 

  • Troubleshooting Email Problems

    ( Tech Notes )

    Emails that cannot be delivered are displayed in the Mail Queue. To view the Mail Queue select ‘Mail Queue…’ from the ‘Server’ menu on the server. Note: Undelivered emails will not be displayed in the Mail Queue if ‘Use Mail … Continue reading 

  • Setting up Omni 6000 Archive Registers to store prove data

    ( Tech Notes )

    Profile is designed to run out of the box with all natively supported RTUs. However to take full advantage of some of the features that Profile provides, extra setup work must be carried out on the RTU itself. 1. Open the … Continue reading