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Adding a Role

You can edit roles from any Profile screen.

Note: Although accessible through the web browser, you must have server management access to be able to edit roles.

1. Click the Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 09.20.18 icon in the Location Bar 1

2. Click “Roles” on the Profile Menu 2

The Roles screen will be displayed:

Note: If “Roles” does not appear in the menu then you do not have access to this feature.

3. Click the ‘Add Role’ button 3

The New Role screen will be displayed:

4. Enter a name for the new role 4

5. Select “System” or “Server Management” from the ‘Type’ menu 5

Note: The permissions shown below will depend on the role type that is selected.

6. Tick the boxes to add permissions 6

7. Click the ‘Save’ button 7

The new role will be added to the Roles list.