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Adding a Station

N.B. This feature is only available on the SCADA server or in standalone Profile.

1. Highlight the area in the Worldwide Menu where the new area should be added 1

In this example, a station will be added to Washington.

2. Click the ‘+’ button at the bottom of the Worldwide Menu 2

This ‘Add Area’ screen will be displayed:

3. Select “Station Area” on the ‘Area Type’ menu. 3

The station settings screen will be displayed:

4. Enter the station name 4

5. Select the Applications that apply for the station 5

N.B. Applications that have not been licenced will be greyed out.

If Profile™ has been activated, select which data types should be collected 6.

6. Configure the metering station settings

Enter the number of meter runs 7. If the station is handled by a single stream RTU then this will generally be 1.

If the RTU is a multi-stream flow computer then extra options will be available for station and prover:

If the flow computer has a station built into it, tick the ‘Station’ checkbox 8.

If the flow computer has a prover built into it, tick the ‘Prover’ checkbox 9.

If the station has tanks, tick the ‘Tanks’ checkbox and add a tag for each tank on the station 10.

If other options have been set up in Configurations, they will appear here 11.

7. Enter the Station Address, Co-ordinates and Comments if required 12

8. Click the ‘Save’ button 13

The new station will be added.

See the ‘Adding an RTU‘ section for more details on how to add an RTU to a station.