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1. Navigate to the station

See the ‘Viewing a Station’ section for more detail.

2. Click the ‘RTUs’ tab in the Navigation Bar

3. Click the ‘Add’ button

The RTU Setup screen is displayed:

RTU Setup is split into four sections which are shown in the sidebar of the screen and explained in the next sections of the manual:

Subsequent sections won’t be accessible until the mandatory information in the previous section has been completed, and the RTU won’t be usable until all the sections have been completed.

To navigate between sections, click the section name in the left hand column or click the ‘Next’ button. N.B. Subsequent sections in the sidebar won’t be clickable and the ‘Next’ button will be greyed out until the mandatory information in the current section has been completed.

Icons indicate the status of each section as follows:

icon-rtu-setup-complete Mandatory information complete
icon-rtu-setup-incomplete Mandatory information incomplete
Section can’t be accessed because mandatory information in previous section is incomplete
icon-rtu-setup-disabled Section disabled

4. Start setting up the RTU:  RTU Details