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Profile™ is a trademark of Ambrit Ltd

Introducing Approve™

N.B. This feature is only available on the Enterprise server or in standalone Profile.

N.B. This feature will only be available if an Approve™ licence has been purchased and is activated on the Station Settings screen.

Approve™ is a component of Profile™ designed to manage and verify the meter factors generated by a flow computer.

When Approve™ is activated in Profile™, the extra prove data and tests results can be accessed within the ‘Proves’ section.

N.B. Prove data can be imported automatically via Profile™, manually imported via a template or entered manually.

About Approve™

Approve™ verifies prove data to ensure that all operational meters are performing at their optimum levels.

Approve™ produces a certificate for each prove on the system that  shows whether the prove results fall within a required set of criteria and that its historical performance is consistent, automatically rejecting bad data and offering advice to the operator when further steps are required. Approve™ retains a fully auditable history of every prove performed and plots this data as a range of high quality API compliant control charts that graphically demonstrate how each meter is performing. Once Approve™ has collected a statistically significant amount of prove results it can extrapolate on this to predict future meter performance and K factors for situations where proving is not possible.