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Profile™ is a trademark of Ambrit Ltd

N.B. This feature is only available on the Enterprise server or in standalone Profile.

N.B. Equipment will only be available if an Inventory™ licence has been purchased and is activated on the Station Settings screen.

If ‘Calibration’ has been selected on the Equipment Fields settings screen, an extra ‘Last Calibration’ section will be added to the screen when adding equipment or editing equipment:

1. Select a calibration frequency 1

2. Select when the next calibration is due 2

N.B. The date will default to the current date plus the calibration frequency specified.

3. Click the ‘Add Calibration’ button 3

N.B. If you are adding a new piece of equipment rather than editing, click the ‘Save’ button, select the equipment in the list and click the ‘Edit’ button so the ‘Add Calibration’ button is displayed.

The Add Calibration popup is displayed:

Add Calibration

4. Select the calibration date 4

5. Enter a reference for the calibration 5

6. Click the ‘Upload’ button 6

Use the Browse dialog to locate and add the calibration certificate.

7. Adjust the calibration frequency if required 7

N.B. The next calibration date will be calculated from the calibration date plus the calibration frequency.

8. Click the ‘Add’ button 8

The calibration details are added to the equipment screen:

Equipment Calibration Details

9. Click the ‘Save’ button 9

The calibration will be added to the equipment history and future calibrations will be added to the equipment schedule.