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1. Click the ‘Batches’ tab in the Navigation Bar 1

The Batches list will be displayed:

2. Option/Alt click batches in the list to select them 2

N.B. Batches can be grouped across multiple stations, RTUs and meters (both physical and virtual meters). Batches must have common products to be grouped. Grouping a batch will extend the start and end dates of the group to encapsulate the earliest start date and latest end dates of all the grouped batches. It will also summate the gross, net, NSV and mass totals for the grouped batches.

3. Click the ‘Create Group’ button 3

The Create Group dialog will be displayed:

4. Enter a name for the group 4

5. Click the ‘Group’ button 5

The group will be created and added to the Batches list. See the ‘Viewing Grouped Batches’ section for more detail.