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Importing Proves

N.B. Proves for multiple stations can be added from a single CSV file using the ‘Import’ button on any Proves list in Profile.

1. Click the ‘Proves’ tab in the Navigation Bar 1

The proves list will be displayed:

2. Click the ‘Import’ button 2

The Prove Upload screen will be displayed:

3. Drag a CSV file into the dashed area or click in the dashed area to open a Browse dialog 3

Profile performs a series of checks on the content of the CSV file and will highlight any issues:

Prove Import Errors

4. Confirm that the date format is correct 4

5. Correct any errors in the CSV file

6. Click the ‘Re-upload’ button and upload the corrected CSV file 5

If all the errors have been corrected, each prove will be shown with a green tick and the ‘Submit’ button will be available:

Prove Import OK

7. Click the ‘Submit’ button 6

The proves will be added to the appropriate station(s) based on the meter details provided.