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Profile™ is a trademark of Ambrit Ltd

Introducing Profile™

Introducing ProfileProfile™ is a web-based data acquisition and reporting system designed to gather measurement data from a wide range of RTUs over diverse network topologies and make it easily accessible to all interested parties – operators, technicians, auditors, corporate personnel and even clients – securely through their web browser.

Profile has native support for a wide range of RTUs and flow computers and is able to communicate using an array of protocols. Furthermore, any RTU that can communicate over Modbus can easily be connected into the system without requiring a native driver. Profile can also gather data from a wide variety of different network topologies, including serial, TCP, satellite, canopy radio or dial-up modem.

In addition to collecting data in the background, Profile allows users to view any measurement point from any RTU on the system in real time. With extended access, users can update alarm thresholds and other set points from anywhere on the network. Data can be presented as long term trends or as raw data which can easily be exported to other software tools for external analysis e.g. Microsoft® Excel®.

Profile monitors all the RTUs on the network for alarms and audit events. New alarms or events are presented in chronological order and can be displayed for an individual RTU, the site or the whole system to create a powerful global condition monitoring solution.

Reports generated by the RTU are automatically collected as they become available and stored within Profile. Historical reports can be accessed through an intuitive graphical calendar, archived to disk, printed to a network printer or distributed to subscribed users as email attachments.

Profile also caters for the capabilities of specific flow computers, with full support for proving and batching. The raw data and flow computer report from every prove and batch is downloaded and stored in the database to provide a fully searchable audit trail: Prove data can then be viewed in chart format to help assess the performance of each meter over extended time periods and batch data can be easily handed off to external systems for automatic billing.