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Profile™ is a trademark of Ambrit Ltd

Logging on to Profile

1. Open a web browser window

Please see ‘Minimum Requirements‘ for supported web browsers.

2. Enter the static IP address or URL that was provided by your system administrator

Tip: If you do not know these details select ‘View Web Site’ from the ‘Server’ menu.

3.  Enter your user name and password


Contact your system administrator for your login details.

Tip: The default user name is “Administrator” with the administrator password provided. This can also be changed in the user setup screens (see the ‘Adding a User‘ section)

Once you have provided the correct login details you will be taken to the Profile home page. See the ‘Navigating Profile‘ section to start using Profile.

If you are setting up a new copy of Profile then you must add an area (see the ‘Adding an Area‘ section) or a station (see the ‘Adding a Station‘ section).