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Managing VIAs

1. Click the top item in the Worldwide Menu 1

2. Click the ‘VIAs’ tab in the Navigation Bar 2

The VIAs list will be displayed:

3. Filter the list as required: 3

  • Enter a keyword(s) in the ‘VIA Name’ box
  • Tick/untick the ‘Data Collection’ checkboxes to show/hide ‘Complete’, ‘Failed’ and ‘Unregistered’ VIAs.

4. Select a VIA in the list 4

The VIA details screen will be displayed:


To unregister the VIA without deleting it from Profile, click the ‘Unregister’ button. 5

To delete the VIA from Profile, click the ‘Delete’ button. 6

To return to the VIAs list, click the ‘OK’ button. 7

N.B. Setup of the VIA and connection of RTUs is done using the VIA Connect software rather than Profile. See the VIA Connect manual for more details.