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Product Calculations

N.B. Products will only be available if a Products licence has been purchased and Products has been activated on the Station Settings screen.

If product calculations are active in the key, algorithm and setup parameters can be defined for each product.

Once the product has been fully defined, Approve will be able to validate the prove calculations using the predefined product details. The results of these calculations will be compared with the submitted prove results as part of an additional test on the prove certificate. If they don’t match the prove, it will be marked as a fail, an issue will be raised and the calculated values will be attached to the certificate for reference.

1. Navigate to the product

See the  ‘Adding Products’ or ‘Editing Products’ sections for more details.

Product Calculations

2. Enter the Product Code 1

This is the customer reference for the product.

3. Enter the Product Name 2

This the display name that is used throughout the Profile™ user interface.

4. Enter the Short Name 3

This is the product short name used by the flow computer.

5. Select a Commodity Type 4

6. Enter the calculation parameters 5

N.B. The parameters displayed will depend on the selected commodity type.

7. Click the ‘Save’ button 6