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Profile™ is a trademark of Ambrit Ltd

Profile Interface

Profile manages remote RTUs at different locations and provides easy navigation to them using just a web browser.

The interface is made up of the following features:


Location Bar The Location Bar shows the path to the currently selected area. Clicking any of the sub items in the path will take the user to that level.
Navigation Bar The Navigation Bar allows the user to switch between different views for the selected Area, including maps, Stations List, Overview, Global Alarms List and a list of RTUs.
Current User This is the name of the user who is currently logged in. Clicking the ‘Log Out’ button will log the user out of Profile.
Help This button will open the user manual.
Profile Menu This menu provides extended help and support options. It also allows the current user to be changed and provides a set of administrative functions that can be used to manage the users (if the user has the right level of access).
Worldwide Menu The Worldwide Menu provides a hierarchical list of areas that can be used to navigate around the system.
Area Control Buttons The Area Control Buttons allows the user to manage the areas in the Worldwide Menu.