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Prove Tests

N.B. This feature is only available on the Enterprise server or in standalone Profile.

N.B. This feature will only be available if an Approve™ licence has been purchased and is activated on the Station Settings screen.

Each prove is subject to several tests:

Test 1 - Performance Curve

2015-02-17 11.23.21 Screenshot
Approve extrapolates the meter factor based on the position of the flow rate on the performance curve. It then compares that calculated meter factor with the proved meter factor to get a percentage difference.

This test passes if the percentage difference is within 0.1% limits of the performance curve.

Test 1 Settings


Test 2 – Control Charts


This test passes if the meter factor is within the tolerance limits of the control charts. The tolerance limits are based on a 99.5% confidence level of the student distribution table. Test 2 cannot be performed until there have been three successful proves.

The confidence level includes all previous passed proves and the current untested meter factor when calculating the tolerance limits.

The meter factors are normalised to the base flow rate.

Test 2 Settings


Test 3 – Previous Prove

This test passes if the meter factor is within 0.1% of the previous prove (passed or failed).

Test 3 cannot be performed on the first prove.

Test 3 Settings


Prove Pass Conditions


If there are three or more passed proves for the base curve then the following tests will be applied:

(test 1 passes or test 3 passes) and test 2 passes

If there are less than three passed proves for the base curve then the tests becomes simpler:

test 1 passes or test 3 passes